Spiritual Health Food

Slices of Life Pamphlets
Slices of Life Pamphlets are short Bread of Life messages that can, in a few moments, feed your heart with the love of God. For more information on Spiritual Bread of Life health food and health food share packs, click on Spiritual Health Food Share Packs.

This ministry publishes and distributes many Bread of Life booklets to be freely given to people to help them grow in the Lord, but this one called "The Day The King's Son Died" with the sub title "How To Be Born Again" is the most important one of all, because people must have a spiritual birth before they can grow in the Lord. In the year 1970 a great evangelist named Clinton White went to a cabin in the woods to pray and write. There he cried out to the Lord and asked if he could have a message to put into print that would be so clear that anyone who read it would know the way of salvation. Two weeks later he came out of the woods with the message called "The Day The King's Son Died." He then had it printed in a little red booklet and began to give it out as a way to sow the gospel. Since then countless people have read that message and have come to Christ. The evangelist has since gone home to be with the Lord, but the little red booklet is still doing its work here on earth.

Bridal Buffet - The Poems of "Rebekah" the Bride
Bridal Buffet is a special assortment of spiritual food in the form of poetry, prepared especially for the Bride of Christ. The Bible speaks of Christ as the Bridegroom and all who belong to Him as His Bride. The Bride of Christ includes all who have and all who are going to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. The twenty-fourth chapter of Genesis tells about Abraham sending his servant out to get the bride, Rebekah, for his son, Isaac. It's a symbolic picture of the Heavenly Father sending out the Holy Spirit to get the Bride for His Son, Jesus. There is an ingredient of love mixed into these poetic messages that warms the heart of the Bride, the Bridegroom and the Heavenly Father. The Poems of Rebekah are also available in print for free distribution.

Bread Of Life Books
Bread Of Life Books are full size books which, like the other Bread of Life publications, are printed at the publishing facilities of Gospel Messenger Service. They come with soft self-covers which makes it possible to do in-house printing for free distribution. Check back often as we will be adding to this and other sections of our site regularly.

Children's Bread of Life
Children like to read and they enjoy computers. Now, they can simply click on the picture of Jesus with the children and have their own special menu. They may choose some Bread of Life messages that will help them grow healthy and strong in the love of God. We invite the youngsters to send for a copy of our special Children's Breadbook. They will treasure this collection of inspirational lessons throughout their lives.

The Songs of Hephzibah
The name "Hephzibah" means "My delight is in her." It is used in Scripture as a symbolic name of Zion, especially in the context of God's Grace and Favor. "The Songs of Hephzibah" is a collection of Christian songs that captures the heart of the Christian experience in this world. Both in faithful declaration and prayerful plea, each song expresses the essence of what it means to know the Lord and be known by Him.

The Spoken Word
"The Spoken Word" is a collection of Bread of Life messages preached by Clinton White, which are able to nourish the soul, make one healthy in spirit, put joy in the heart, and fill one to overflowing with the love of God. This is most evident because of the fruit of the Spirit they have brought into the lives of many who have been feasting on them.

Bread of Life Audio Download Library
Gospel Messenger Service maintains an audio library from which messages and songs can be downloaded. We invite you to visit this page and download these songs and messages for use on your personal computer and/or MP3 player.